Feasibility analysis:

through the product analysis that the customer wants to gain, first of all the feasibility analysis is carried out, which is the first step in the deciding process whether or not to start the design and industrialization process.



always in synergy with our customers, we implement what is a co-design process and also Co-creation, throughout we reach the best possible result in terms of production times and production costs.


Industrialization study:

is the study focused on the processing cycle of a product, such as identification of the press, the welding robot and the welding mask. Finally, identification of the machine that will be used for mass production. This last step is the one carried out by LTS.



through the creation of prototypes, we intend to make the product idea that the customer wish.


Our technical department is made up of a dozen units and represents the core of all our technical activities.

With put constant high attention to technological innovation and continuous updating, our staff, with proven experience, is able to analyze, process and fully satisfy the customer’s needs.

Making use of the use of modern calculation tools and know-how acquired over time, we are able to carry out a careful feasibility analysis of the requested product.

The co-design activity is carried out in strict collaboration with the customer, and it allows us to study the method and develop a prototype before defining the tool that will carry out the production.

Software we use

The Cad we use for the equipment design are: KeyCreator, Visi, we handle the most used formats (CATIA, U.G., PRO/E, STEP, PARASOLED, IGES, DXF, DWG).

To realize simulations , feasibility analysis and method study we use Autoform.

This kind of system let us to analyze all the critical issues of the piece and, based on these results, we can realize the changes togheter with the customer in order to start to produce the required piece. 

For the CAM programming we use Mastercam.