More than 40 years in die design and manufacturing.


The primary activity at CAMS is the production of dies used primarily in the automotive sector where the production level is very high.
In our departments we produce dies with lengths up to 3, 500mm.
Thanks to our great passion and experience in the sector and to the preparation of our qualified technicians and operators, we are able to completely satisfy the demands of the customer.
At the root of each request, we work through feasibility analysis and define the method, realise the prototype, design the die and produce the parts through our subsidiary La Tecnomeccanica Sud Spa.

In our factory we realise all types of dies through our CNC machines and we apply the required heat treatments using special furnaces.
The die is assembled in the assembly department and tested on our presses.

Test and quality control
The parts produced in the test phase are subjected to careful checks in the test and quality control laboratories. Our technical staff submit samples of parts with different systems of advanced measurements with or without contact.

The dies can be used by the customer in their own plants or we continue with the production of parts through our subsidiary company La Tecnomeccanica Sud


It is the type of mould used to form sheet metal with complex parts..

Prior to designing, the technical office uses feasibility analysis using the simulator AUTOFORM.
This allows us to analyse the critical parts and on the basis of these results, eventual modifications are made in agreement with the customer in order to continue with the production of the part in demand.

Progressive dies

Dies for high volume of production.

Our experience allows us to study and define the method and various steps of the die in all operations.

Transfer dies

These dies which pass through multiple stations are used in the automotive and household appliance sectors where the parts to produce are very complex and with a high volume of production.