More than 40 years in die design and manufacturing.

Mechanical manufacturing

In our production area there is a numerically controlled fleet of machine tools and machining centers of the latest technology and which are highly automated.

The CNC milling machine department consists of 10 units which permits us to carry out and solve all the machining of complex removal to 3, 4 and 5 axes thanks also to the interface with the modern CAD-CAM system.

Another important department is that of EDM where precise and advanced technological work is performed. This allows us to cut the matrices and punch the shearing dies.

The constant and careful control of qualified personnel to machines guarantees:

  • high quality finish
  • very high precision
  • perfect functioning of dies

Our fleet consists of:

  • Highspeed and high precision milling machine PARPAS THS 100. Travel 2500 x 1200 x 1200 mm. The machine has a motor spindle with a max. speed of 12.000 rpm.
  • A RAMBAUDI MG260 5-axis portal milling machine with moving table. Strokes 3500x1200 with bi-rotary head continues with electrospindle 16,000 Rpm, 46 Kw, with changing tool to 40 places.
  • A Mi. Val Systems 4-axis boring milling machine mobile mast Strokes 6500x2000x1000, spindle speed 3000 Rpm, with electrospindle up to 20,000 Rpm, 10Kw.
  • A 'Quick Jet Mod. AV-128' double column machining centre for fast milling 1200x800x500 15,000 Rpm.
  • A 'Quick Jet Mod. GTV-96' double column machining centre for fast milling 900x600x500 24,000Rpm.
  • A CNC 'OMV' Mod. HSC/PERLA 5AX bed-type milling machine 1700x650x700; complete with rotary table direct drive dia. 600mm.
  • A CNC 'Quick Jet Mod. R11' milling machine with slide moving to bracket 700x400x320.
  • A 'DOOSAN' DNM 5700 vertical machining centre 1050 x 570 x 510, 12000 Rpm, 30 tools
  • A 'DOOSAN' Mod. DNM 400-II vertical machining centre 760x430x510, 15,000 Rpm, 30 tools.
  • A Rambaudi vertical milling machine 1200x450x500.
  • A Awa milling machine 500x300x300.
  • A Laser System Prima Industrie Mod. PLATINO 1530 HS, work area 3000x1500, 4000 Watt, speed up to 140 m/min., acceleration 12m/s2 complete with automatic loading-unloading and sheet metal loader.
  • 3 5-axis laser systems Prima Industrie Mod. Rapido, work area 3440x1765x700 complete with head to weld.
  • A MITSUBISHI MV2400S Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM), 600x400x310
  • A MITSUBISHI MV 1200S Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM), 400x300x220.
  • A Fanuc System 189is-WB controlled wire EDM 320x220x250.
  • A Fanuc Alfa1lA controlled wire EDM 520x370x310.
  • An Omega Sodick Mod. 500NG/ZNC micro drilling machine
  • A CNC Diaplus die sinking EDM 560x400x400.
  • A Jsedm die sinking EDM 420x320x180.
  • A Cantaluppi surface grinder 800x400x400.
  • An Equiptop Mod. ESG 1020ASD surface grinder 550x280.
  • A Kent KGS-84-WM1surface grinder 800x400.
  • A Kent KGS-825-WM1 surface grinder 2500x900x700.
  • A 5KL-1860F teach-in lathe.
  • A Graziano parallel lathe 2000x350.
  • A Harrison Mod. ALPHA 550 PLUS teach-in parallel lathe 2000x800.
  • 2 radial drills.
  • 4 Drill presses.
  • A machine splitter type M 15 1200x800.
  • A machine splitter type M 30 2000x1000.
  • A machine splitter type M 70 3300x1500.
  • An Emanuel 400-ton hydraulic press - plans 2200x1600 with blank holder from 160 tons.
  • A Cavani & Goldon Die testing machine from 300 tons plan 2000x1500x750.
  • A GPF 100 tons hydraulic press.
  • TRUMPF press brake mod. TRUBEND 3120 6 axes 3100x120 ton CNC.
  • A guillotine shear 3000x8.
  • A CNC RUSCH mod. 520 automatic sawing machine.
  • A MEP mod. SHARK 281 sawing machine.
  • A sandblaster.
  • A sharpening machine.
  • A heat treating station SIB 800x450x320.
  • A CNC MDM Catrin scanning measuring machine 1800x820x770 complete with Power Inspect (system of dimensional inspection).
  • A CAM2 EdgeArm portable measuring arm, specific measurement range with operating diameter of 2.7 m 7 axes of rotation, laser lead (LASER LINE PRODE V3).
  • A optical profile projector
  • A durometer
  • A complete set of gauges up to 1000, internal and external micrometers, bore gauges, roughness tester.
  • A 3d Printer FORTUS 250mc (build volume 254x254x305 mm)