More than 40 years in die design and manufacturing.

CAMS is specialised in designing and realising dies

We are a dynamic company that works in synergy with 'LA TECNOMECCANICA SUD'(LTS) focused on special productions, assembly and machining.

Both companies are points of reference for national and international manufacturers, above all, in the world of 2- and 4-wheels.

The forerunner in engineering and construction of dies for the buckling of sheet metal, CAMS has always increased its work specialising in designing and realising tanks, exhaust systems, frames and complex components.

Today CAMS boasts of systems of advanced design that consent to work dies that are increasingly complex with presses with pressures up to 800 tonnes.

Cams SPA

La Tecnomeccanica Sud (LTS) was created five years after CAMS to respond to the needs of the customers who requested a complete service: from production of tools to the finished product. The main activities of LTS are cold stamping of sheet metal, welding, assembly and machining.

From a small space in Guardiagrele (CH), the two companies moved to Fara Filiorum Petri to a 4,000 sq.m factory.

Due to high demand, in 2000, LTS moved to another factory of around 18,000 sq.m to produce complex parts for the more important motorcycle manufacturers (Honda, Ducati, BMW, Yamaha) and also in the 4-wheel manufacturers (Fiat and others). Even though the head offices of the two companies are 2 km apart, their synergy always strengthens more to satisfy their customers. The customers can have a direct relationship with our company from design and die construction to the production and delivery of the parts. This support is possible thanks to the vertical integration of production processes between CAMS and LTS with the decision to concentrate and integrate the design task and production.

The two companies have an advanced Logistics System capable of handling more than 10,000 parts in stock making them more flexible and fast in delivery

The success of the two companies is determined also by the constant professional growth, constant technological training and by the strategic partnership consolidated over time. But the secret to real success is human capital; having professionals always ready to respond to the demand of the market, transforming it through creative work and research, into unique and competitive products.

All the personnel at CAMS and LTS ongo continuous training at a high level in collaboration with regional institutitons and external research institutions that always assure cutting-edge competence.

This year CAMS celebrates 40 years of business and is destined to grow to meet the challenges the future holds.

CAMS SpA adheres to Polo di Innovazione Automotive (IAM) to develop an Automotive system for light commercial and professional vehicles (two/four-wheel), able to strengthen the supply chain to improve competitiveness in terms of products and system innovation, flexibility of product and manufacturing processes and, finally, quality products.

This objective can be achieved starting an Innovation Pole for Automotive and Mechanics firms and the improvement of the human resource, with the start up of Techinal Training School Mechanic System (ITS).

Cams SPA